•  Instrument lessons 

  • Workshops

  • Musical Improvisation 

  • Combo band 

  • Musical hearing training 

  • Rhythmic reading training 

  • Musical theory 

  • Music Production (protools system) 

  •  Music production (cubase system)

The Jazz Shed is in the process of an application for the "Creative Community Grant" to be able to offer 40 scholarships for Term 1 & 2, 2018.  This will allow students to have 10 free lessons with a concert at the end. 


 You will have a one on one lesson to learn everything that has to do with your instrument and we will give you all the necessary tools so that you can enjoy playing  music alone and with others.

Basic program

Come and learn music. You will have a great time playing in a music group. You can also opt for classes like audio training, rhythm training and music theory.

 Annual program

With the annual program you will have the possibility of building a solid foundation in many sides of music through having different lessons in your instrument, musical theory, rhythmic training, audio training, combo band and concert.

  Personalised Program 

You can create your own learning program, choose different subjects such as rhythm training, music reading, instrumental training, music theory, music informatics, production etc. Talk with us for more details


Monday-Friday 10am-7pm

​Saturday 10am-14pm


5 Michael Road

Pararparaumu Beach

New Zealand

Music Lessons & Master Class

Jazz Shed Studio

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